An inn where you can spend your time as if you were living in the city where the people of Kyoto live.

A quiet residential area near Nijo Castle. If you bend over the door with a small door and go through it, you will find a space where you can feel the wonderful history of Japan. While feeling the seasons of the four seasons, you can experience an extraordinary experience like time had stopped. Machiya, Kyoto-like atmosphere, those who are somehow boring at a convenient hotel, those who want to have a girls-only gathering with a take-out from a popular store without worrying about time, those who want to celebrate the anniversary with their families, etc. do you wanna spend your precious time with your loved one in a different space than usual?
An inn where you can spend your time as if you were living in the city where the people of Kyoto live.

A space where the ”mystery of the Orient” envisioned by foreigners is faintly scented

Renovated a two-story old folk house into a guest house with Taisho modernism. When you enter the entrance of the Kuguri door type, there is a dirt floor and you can see the tsubo-niwa from the slightly raised Japanese-style room across the porch.On the second floor, all three rooms and the corridor are covered with tatami mats. While maintaining the calm atmosphere unique to Japanese houses, the water area is freer with a tiled bath overlooking the tsubo-niwa and a vintage tile wash basin. In addition, gorgeous overseas-made wallpapers with an oriental taste are used everywhere. Japosesk, a longing for the Orient that people in foreign countries have, is alive here and there, creating a mysterious comfort. Outstanding convenience in a quiet residential area.
Easily accessible.

Easily accessible.

The line extends from Nijo Station in a cross shape, and has excellent access to various areas such as Arashiyama and Kawaramachi. Nijo Castle, which you want to visit at least once, is within walking distance. It's nice to start running around Nijo Castle in the morning when you come to stay. There are many restaurants around that are loved by the people of Kyoto, not only for tourists. it’s a quiet and easy-to-move location for both sightseeing and living.
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Sanin Line[Nijo Station] and walk 8 minutes.

West japan bus「Senbonkyunijo」and walk 2 minutes.